First Time Here?? Things to Know

Before the massage session

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment start time.  Arriving after your scheduled start time will cause your session to be cut short.  Arriving early will give you time to settle down, fill out your intake form, and to use the restroom.   

While in the waiting room, please silence your cell phone. You may be asked to fill out an intake form or new client registration form.  If you will be using a gift certificate or special pricing, let the therapist know at that time. 

A few minutes before your scheduled appointment start time, the therapist will come to the waiting room, greet you, and guide you to your massage treatment room. 


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Health Disclaimer: 
Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork is not a substitute for appropriate medical/psychiatric care. I, Melissa Genovese LMT, strive to help you achieve your goals using complementary and alternative methods in conjunction with your primary care provider's supervision. I do not diagnose or prescribe.