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What my clients have to say

As the owner of Designed Training in Glastonbury, I understand the importance of taking care of your body through massage therapy.Melissa is the best massage therapist I have ever worked with. I have an issue with tension headaches and have been going to Melissa to work on my neck and upper back. My headaches have been fewer and farther apart because of her expertise. I would recommend her to anyone for any issues they may be having, or just for relaxation purposes! Thanks Melissa!

Jessica Galik

As a CrossFit coach, personal trainer and competitive weightlifter, I am constantly exerting my body day in and day out and require continued bodywork maintenance to keep me functioning at my prime. Before I met Melissa, I was used to just getting a plain jane massage. It was relaxing and enjoyable, but never seemed to address nor correct the issues I would obtain through my rigorous training. Everything from low back tightness, upper back tension, knee pain or just overly exerted muscles, Melissa had a cure for it all. Melissa's approach is the best I've experienced. She is very thorough, understands how to flow from one muscle group to another with awesome technique and always leaves me feeling like I got worked on with intent to fix my issues. I see dozens of clients throughout my work week and I never hesitate to recommend Melissa to every single one of them. Melissa truly has perfected her craft and I am certain she will leave you feeling as "repaired" as I feel when I get off the table. Thanks Melissa!!

Patrick Waszczak

Melissa's massages are the most relaxing I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Her healing touch always leaves me feeling rested, peaceful and restored; my aches and pains are gone, stiffness is relieved and kinks are unkinked. I leave a massage session with Melissa feeling like a new person! Regular sessions with Melissa are a real treasure and a gift I enjoy giving to myself and those I care about.

Dee Smith

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